Twenty six days of colour – Kelly Green #AtoZchallenge

You know there aren’t that many colours really.  When I was in the motor trade we used to talk about millions of colours for cars.  Tahiti blue and Sahara beige are ones I remember.  I’m showing my age now.  Most of them were really just shades of colour and of course there were a lot of metallic paints.  I bet there are many millions more now.  When you boil it all down though, there are really only red, green and blue.  Everything else is just something in-between.

So today I had a choice of two colours, another green, Kelly Green, or Khaki.  I have someone who works with me called Kelly and so I’ll go with that.  I don’t know anyone called Khaki.

In case you are interested Kelly Green is a shade of green that is 88% saturated and 73% bright. For reference purposes it has the hex value #4CBB17. There is a paint called Jolly Green which is 90% similar to Kelly Green.  I don’t know anyone called Jolly either.

Anyway it was Kelly’s turn to chair the management meeting today.  This is the team that focuses on tactical issues and reports into the Leadership Team.  There are ten of them but today’s meeting was given over to something different.  Rather than talking about the usual stuff, Dawn had come in to hold a session on the elephants in the room, or pernicious pachyderms as they have become affectionately known.

It is a metaphorical idiom to describe an obvious truth that is going unaddressed.  It comes from Krylov’s ‘The inquisitive Man’ who, on visiting a museum notices lots of little things but fails to see the elephant.  But we don’t have an elephant – we have a whole herd.

We haven’t failed to see them we have just failed to recognise them, talk about them and ultimately address them.  We will be having another session in a few weeks’ time to try and sort them out but the meeting today is the first step in trying to flush them out.

Perhaps I should have worn Khaki.

2 thoughts on “Twenty six days of colour – Kelly Green #AtoZchallenge

  1. This is an interesting way of handling the A-Z challenge. Love how you start with the color and then branch out.

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