Building a legend

Who would have thought that World of Warcraft would have come up in the presentations to the team?  It was Gary’s idea and it turned out to be a work of pure genius.

I must confess to not being a gamer.  I’m not sure I should have come out with that especially as I work in ICT where, at times, it seems like a prerequisite.  Your gaming qualifications should appear on your curriculum vitae.  My kids had a PlayStation and Gameboys and I did dabble with the likes of Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto yet I never caught the bug.  Even Tomb Raider didn’t ignite the spark.

I’ve never felt the need to purchase a gaming chair or a beer hat.  I just don’t get what the fuss is all about but there are many obsessions I don’t understand and I am sure that there are many who do not get my proclivities.

Anyway, back to the story.  You may have worked out that Gary is a gamer.  He spends many a happy hour on World of Warcraft and his colleagues have been known to take the Mickey out of him for it.  For the presentation he had recorded a piece, a now infamous piece, from one of the games he had been playing with his online chums.

It was all about team work and how the group had got a plan together to overcome whatever they were up against.  The players had armour and their foe looked scary and had wings. But just before they were able to put their plan in to action some idiot came along and did their own thing.  Leroy hadn’t been part of the planning.  He’d been out getting chicken.

I won’t give away what happened as there are still a few presentations left but Gary’s presentation will go down in history.

He is building himself up as a legend.

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