CEIAG Network

The CEIAG network gave us another opportunity to talk about getting young people into the industry We have been trying to make use of all of the avenues open to us that are already exist and  this was a group that we had never been to before. Apparently all schools, colleges and other learning providers must offer all students aged between thirteen and eighteen independent, impartial advice on their future careers and learning and this is the role of the Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance network.

Bringing young people into the industry, especially more women and from the black and minority ethnic groups is, in my opinion, is something that we all have a role in helping to resolve.  Anyone who has influence over children and young people has a part to play, family, friends, educators, employers and careers advisors.  So it was very apt to be speaking to the group during both British Science Week and National Apprenticeship Week.  It is incumbent upon all of us to change the situation and I went asking for their help.

I asked for their help in getting more young people interested in careers in technology. Somehow a lot of young people are being turned off from rewarding and lucrative careers somewhere between the age of nine and thirteen.  I said that we need more initiatives such as code clubs or maker clubs or e-cadets and more involvement in careers events.  We also need a greater involvement with business.

I was joined by Sandra who gave the group an insight into the many and varied activities we had been involved in to raise the profile of the industry.  It was an impressive list.  She brought Andrew with her, one of our apprentices, who told us of his experiences and why he had chosen this path even though he had been offered a place at university.

We were then followed by Accenture who told a similar story.  We are both cogs in the same large machine.  Though they occupy a different end of the market to us it is clear that both organisations are passionate about the tech industry and the North East region.

I have always felt that the best thing we can do to get more young people into the technology industry is to talk about it to as many people who will listen.  Yesterday’s event was a great opportunity to do just that.  We seemed to go down well.

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