Unfolding plans 205 – Another year end

So there we have it.  I’ve got to the end of another work (and blogging) year.  Last year I managed to blog every work day and I never thought that I would be able to do the same this time.  I imagined that I would achieve perhaps every other day yet they kept coming.  This is my two hundred and thirty second blog of the year and the eight hundred and eighty third of my blogging career.  I am addicted.  There is always something to write about.

This year I set out to achieve a number of things:

  1. To get more women working in ICT
  2. To become truly flexible
  3. Merger with Northumberland
  4. A bureaucracy attack using digital
  5. Improve quality
  6. 6 things I’ve never done before
  7. Create and apprentice bureau
  8. Develop a self-organized learning environment

I’ve made good progress with some and none at all with others. We’ve set up a women in ICT programme and have put on a whole range of events around the theme, covering teachers, careers advisors, businesses and governors.  This is generational problem yet we are playing our part.

I’ve spelt out my vision for the service to be free from hierarchy, free from location and free form dogma.  I know this is getting some traction and it is going to take some time for these cultural changes to take effect.

The possible merger with Northumberland unravelled.  I never understand why it is so difficult for local authorities to work more closely together.

We’ve set up a couple of schemes to get bureaucracy out of our processes especially around having to sign physical documents to authorise them.  There is still a lot of cultural attachment to the way that thigs are done however.  Not everyone likes change and that could be on the back of the general nervousness over employment in the public sector.

Quality.  That’s a hard one.  It’s easy to say yet difficult to deliver.  What I want is to have processes that deliver what is required, day in and day out without intervention.  This is not the same as a quality control system.  There is some more work here.

I’ve done many new things this year.  The most fun was probably the post card challenge.

Our apprentice training agency continues to develop.  We have three organisations happy to work with us to develop the young people of the county.

Finally, we have made a statement that all of our team can commit fiver per cent of their work time to development.  This can be through training, attending conferences, buddying up with someone or just trying something different.  Again though, this change is going to take a lot of time to become normality.  Some have embraced it immediately whole others will need a bit of persuasion.

That looks like six out of eight are moving forward.  I would take that any day.  Making inroads into seventy five per cent of everything I set out to do isn’t a bad score.

I wonder what will unfold next year.  There is not long to find out.

Season’s greetings.

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