Disrupting the future

I’ve been in two minds about whether or not to keep on with my blog. I still am.  The prospect of writing over two hundred pieces over the next twelve months is somewhat daunting.  At the moment they all lie ahead of me. WordPress tells me that I have had more readers this year than last though with fewer views.  I’m not sure what this means or even if it is that important.  The real issues is, am I a blogger or not?  Do I wish to write or not?  A blogger blogs and a writer must write.

So here I am, back at the keyboard.  Over the last two years I have focussed predominantly on work issues.  I have used my blog to garner my thoughts and lay them out in a way that I can tell my story about the challenge in creating something different where I work, free from hierarchy, free form location and free from dogma.  Progress has not exactly been earth shattering yet it has been steady.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I have been trying to change culture without resorting to authority.  I am trying to lead rather than manage, enable rather than control and encourage rather than stifle.  I am convinced that the only way forward for organisations such as those in which I work is to move away from micro-management and create instead a self-organised system’s approach where people understand their roles and are liberated to get on and do what they are best at.

At times it feels like a very lonely job.

Our organisation and its people need to change.  Disruption is a key driver in today’s economy.  Nothing is safe.  All of our business models will be unpicked, dismantled and reinvented in front of our eyes with technology acting as the enabler.  The choice ahead of us is stark.  Do we play the game or do we give up?  Do we try to use the disruptive opportunities that arrive to develop the kind of organisation we want to work in or the type of world in which we wish to live?  Or do we dance to someone else’s tune?

A few things have happened over the festive period that have made me think.  They have given me hope that indeed things are changing, however glacially.  Several people have taken the time to write to me with ideas.  They are good subjects for upcoming blogs.

So, this year I am not going to make any rash promises or resolutions but instead refocus on those things that we started last year.  Actions that will help to create a different relationship with the people we work with be they customers or colleagues.

It is freedom I seek.

That is one down.  I am off and running.  Happy New Year.

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