Unfolding plans 204 – Trustworthy

I must admit that I quite like working at this time of year.  The roads are quiet and so the journey in and out is a little less stressful.  Everyone is so much nicer to each other.  Peace on earth and good will to all men.  Why things can’t be this way all the time rather than just once a year I don’t know.

(Apparently though today is the biggest shopping day of the year with the shops expected to take one and a half billion pounds in sales.  One o’clock was to be peak time and so best avoided.)

It’s a time to catch up on things and finish off all those little bits of work that have been lying about.  It’s also a good time to start to think about what is coming up next year.

Getting stuff done can be difficult though as most of the work that I do requires some engagement with my fellow labourers.  I can only get so much done before I have to ask something or show something or run something past somebody.  With so few people being around this means that as much is left hanging as when you started.

There is a mild panic that comes over us.  There is some unwritten rule that everything must be complete by Christmas.  It is as if the world is going to end yet in a few days’ time we will be back with our noses to the grind stone and the only memory of the holiday will be the credit card bills that come in.

So, I only have two days left.  I’m off work between Christmas and the New Year.  Tomorrow I have set aside to finish off the rewrite of the strategy and today I had a small number of meetings.  One was to prepare for the next round of presentations.  Brian is going to help me this time and he is heavily involved in the new customer relationship management system so that is going to give him plenty to talk about.  He’s also going to give some background into the agile project management methodology that we are successfully using.

I’m going to go with the theme of why.  Why do we do some things and not others?  Why have we made some choices in the face of other alternatives?  Alli put a note out asking for questions that people would like answered.  I have a few so far but need some more.  I don’t know why people seem reluctant to ask questions when they have the opportunity.  Perhaps they feel it marks them out for some dreadful retribution.  I hope not and will send another reminder when I get back.

I suppose though that this is an insight into an area that we still need to address and that is one of trust.  It’s a subject that I have covered in many presentations and several blogs yet is something that still needs to be worked on.  Perhaps people don’t trust that we are gathering these questions for valid reasons.

Someone once said to me that to you cannot engender trust until you are trustworthy.  Is this another resolution for next year?

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