Unfolding plans 147 – What have you planned for National Customer Service Week?

I covered this in Unfolding plans 106, some seventy five days ago, and here it is.  The first week in October has arrived already, the time we set aside to recognise and celebrate our customers.  Time is really flying.  National Customer Service Week has come around again.  It doesn’t seem like five minutes since the last time.

A quick reminder then of what the Institute of Customer Services has arranged.  Each day there  will be a different theme to focus on.  On Monday it is about ‘Know your customer’ while on Tuesday it turns to ‘Customer Complaints’ and ‘MOT’.  Wednesday’s focus is ‘Return on Investment’ while Thursday is looking at ‘Employee engagement and culture’.  The week is rounded off with ‘Recognition’.

The last time I mentioned this we had set up three events and Cath has been working hard to provide many more, not just for me but for members of the ICT Services team as well.  We also have other parts of the Council involved, such as Customer Services and Communications.

Cath has asked everyone involved to try and help out with photographs and information on these days so she can create a leaflet after the event.  I’m going to try and blog about what I get up to on each day.

On Monday I will be networking with some of our customers.  I’ve met both of the organisations I am visiting before yet never sat down to understand truly what they do (I nearly split an infinitive there).  I’m meeting with the Business Durham Team first followed by the Visit County Durham Team.  They are both next door in the centre of Durham.  Meanwhile we have a visit to Shotley Bridge Infants and Junior schools to say hello and get an update on the  work which was undertaken by the Service recently.

On Tuesday we have the pilot of the training workshop we plan to roll out across the whole service with Senior Managers.  This will be in the morning and in the afternoon I’m off to sit on the Customer Contact phones in County Hall.  I’ve been on our own Service Desk before but never with Mary’s team.  I must say I’m a bit nervous about this one.

I’m locked up in meetings all day Wednesday but in the morning we are putting on one of our MOT Sessions, where we send a small team of people into a service department to address their issues and niggles, this time in Regeneration and Economic Development Funding & Programmes Team. In the afternoon we’re getting some customer together to talk about what next for our Building Schools for the Future Managed Service.  Do you remember BSF?

On Thursday we are hosting our first of its kind ICT Engineers / Network Managers / ICT Leads get together from a range of primary and special schools, while I’m at our second Lean Start-Up day.  This time we’re looking to apply what we learned on day one in practice.

Finally on the Friday we have arranged some more school visits and we have some teams lined up for our second annual pub style quiz.  Applications and Development were runaway winners last year but competition will be hot.

Sounds like a good week.  What have you planned?

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