A year of work in progress – day 154

Day 154 – 10 September 2014

BT had put on an event called ‘Powering Public Services’. Janet persuaded me to go but I was not that enthusiastic after yesterday’s disappointment. This was a much more intimate event with only a dozen of us, six from BT and six from the client side. The agenda was split into transform your organisation, better enable your first line, improve citizen services and innovate for growth. It was all useful stuff and I was especially interested in their interoperability platform (which is easier to write than to say).

We got into an interesting discussion about agile working which is always conflated with accommodation changes and financial savings. People talk about agile and homeworking as if they are the same thing but they aren’t. Homeworking is really just working in a different office. Agile is much more about being able to do your work whenever and wherever is the most appropriate. It’s a cultural thing. If you want to be agile you can do it now.

I got to sit next to Lisa form Newcastle who told me about a ‘Women into ICT’ event she was holding later on this month. I would like to have gone but can’t make it. I tweeted about it instead.

Because I went to this event I missed most of the Senior Leadership Team meeting. Lee chaired instead. There were a couple of things that I would have liked to have been there for, especially the bit about ServCheck and Optimisation. Steve’s team has been doing some analysis of the demand data and it has thrown up some interesting statistics. Our biggest customer is Children and Adults Services but this is to be expected as they account for nearly two thirds of the Council’s budget. Our biggest customers by calls per user however is Resources, closely followed ACE. That’s interesting and is worth investigating further.

Our busiest month is January, followed by September (no surprise there but it reflects what we’ve always said about us being a seasonal business). Our busiest day is Monday and there is a steady decline as the week goes on, while our busiest time is between nine and ten in the morning, the golden hour. It used to be between eight and nine. There was a lot more detail and it was fascinating stuff. The problem with this kind of investigation is though that you end up wanting to know more. The pursuit of understanding is never ending.

In the afternoon we had Resources Management Team. Unusually (very unusually) I had the most reports with one about Active Directory, a couple about mobile phones and another about the planned restructure.

Learning points for today: Some events are better than others; tartan is going to be this year’s must have accessory; BT means bring three (it was one of theirs); problems can become virtues and; in the 1950s the ratio of people into work and retired was 15:1, now it is at 4:1 but by 2050 it is going to be 2:1.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – tomorrow can be a better day.

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