A year of work in progress – day 115

Day 115 – 2 July 2014

It’s management Wednesday again but only two meetings today. We had Senior Leadership team in the morning (a performance one) and Resources Management Team in the afternoon. I must get my diary sorted as we ended up in Morpeth in the morning and Durham in the afternoon. This also meant that some of the morning’s agenda items were not available as it would have meant too many people travelling. Come on, we’re in ICT so surely we could find a better way of doing this.

The interesting thing is that you don’t think about these issues until you try something. All the things you think are going to happen don’t and you trip up on those you had not foreseen.

Overnight we had another out of hours incident. That makes two this week and poor Peter, who is on call, is now answering to the name of lucky. Both of them have been genuine failures however and so the service has proved its worth so far. Peter may not feel that way however.

As for SLT, I had a report on accommodation and ICT. There’s been a lot of talk around agile and so-called modern ways of working and so I made a stab at all of the technical things that we need to have in place to operate effectively in the future. We’ve identified those we’ve already got, those that are in train and those left that we will need to develop. The thinking is that if we already have the majority of these things in place then why can’t we introduce such working arrangements now.

Tony had a report showing progress with Digital Durham. The first quarter has finished and over half of the cabinets have now been surveyed. We’ve passed the number of properties required to comply with the contract and there is a steady stream coming on line. Eight cabinets went live today!

After lunch was RMT. Don, my boss, is away on holiday for the week and so asked me to chair the meeting. In charge of RMT? Me, with my reputation? Fortunately the agenda was very light and so I thought we’d be able to get through it quite easily. I should have known better and we soon got bogged down in a mobile phone report. Perhaps it would have been better to hold it off until he was back.

In the evening I attended a Dynamo North East skills and education event at Sage head office.

Learning points for today: I’m an electricity tart, I’ll go anywhere with power; chairing the RMT is just as bad as chairing the SLT; an acnestis is the part of an animal’s skin that it cannot reach to scratch itself – usually the space between the shoulder blades and there are evil forces at work.

Today’s enjoyment rating 7/10 – two big meetings in the same day.

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