A year of work in progress – day 103

Day 103 – 9 June 2014

I finished the book ‘Accelerating health Care Transformation with Lean and Innovation’ by Paul Plsek. It wasn’t as enjoyable as the first Virginia Mason book I read though it did have some pithy quotes in it. I particularly liked the concept of ‘trystorming’, a bit like brainstorming only letting the hands in on the fun of creating ideas. By the way I don’t think this quite works with the more acceptable phrase ‘thought shower’.

I’d wanted to finish the book ahead of a meeting with the Police on the Virginia Mason experience we had planned for today but as it happened that got postponed.

It did remind me, once again, of how much we still have to do. There is not a day goes by where I curse at how little progress we have made on some of the things we’ve been working on. I go through the same thought process by blaming the organisation, then the people, then the management until I realise that I am the only common denominator. If we haven’t achieved these things then it is my fault. I must try harder.

This morning we held our first proper Virtual Desktop Integration meeting (VDI). At last week’s SOCITM meeting I had a chance to get an update on progress from some of our neighbour’s VDI projects and they would suggest that it is not a straight forward decision. As with most things in life there are plus points and negative ones and we need to think these things through very carefully.

Andrew is taking the lead role and after some lengthy discussion we agreed that there were three roads we should be following. Firstly, we need a data gathering exercise to understand what people are doing already with their desktops and include the experience that our neighbouring authorities have enjoyed. There are also some existing VDI users within the council we need to include. Secondly we need to look at the way we deliver desktop replacements to ensure that they are delivered right first time (100% quality) and thirdly we should look at newer alternative desktop offerings such as Office 365 and Google.

In the afternoon I gave the presentation that I did last week to the other half of the tier 4 managers. I was more confident this time as George wasn’t there and I made sure I had a version of the video that rendered better on the screen, even though it didn’t. I covered most of the subject in last Wednesday’s blog but I also talked about how all of us (yes, all of us) had a role in thinking about the effect that digital is having and will have on our lives. We need to be active in creating a digital organisation, a digital place, a digital economy, digital communities and digital wellbeing and we need to make sure that digital is not another excuse to enable a two-tier society of those who have and those who don’t

There are only three things that are certain in life: death; taxes and; digital.

Learning points for today: The gross value added (GVA) for Durham is £13.3 billion; our investment in Digital Durham is equivalent to 0.1% of GVA and is expected to deliver a 0.5% growth; it is strange shaving again; Spraggs has an empire but I haven’t seen it and; a lot of what we do is very simple until we apply it to the real world.

Today’s enjoyment rating 9/10 – glad that’s out of the way.

3 thoughts on “A year of work in progress – day 103

  1. Having seen the good and bad points of a VDI solution, and worked with it for several months, I would vote for it every time. As long as you have the right people to deliver it properly, and pick the right solution.
    I fear that you will get talked out of something that offers great potential and benefits by those who never really saw the VDI solution at its best.

      1. After the initial problems were sorted the set-up at DJ worked great, especially as a remote access solution. In the end there was one of the installation team and me looking after it, and I had about 10mins training

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