Unlock your potential

sparkThis week is National Customer Services Week, or CSW, an opportunity to celebrate the relationship that all businesses have with their customers. I have been a member of the Institute of Customer Service for many years now and this week is one of the highlights of their calendar. More details can be found here.

This week then I am going to step out of my normal blog routine and focus on the five themes of Customer Service Week. Thursday’s theme is the ‘Unlock your potential.’

Today’s theme has the greatest resonance with me. Being on my own, in my own company gives me huge amounts of freedom yet comes with a high degree of responsibility. I am the company and it will live or die on the back of my efforts. No one else’s. For me to succeed I will have to unlock my own potential.

Since setting up Guerrilla Working I have put a huge amount of effort into building  upon my network of contacts. Where I needed to, I have identified gaps and set out to fill them.  There is nothing more influential than people of influence and there is no better way of getting to know people than by knowing someone who knows them. I have spoken to so many people and each contact opens up new doors for me. Each one could have potential.

Potential is something we all have. Just as in a battery where the current flows from high potential (high voltage) to low potential it is the connections that make the difference. The more you charge yourself up  the greater the potential you have. The more connections you have then the more likely you will find the right one that gets that flow.

It is my connectivity that will set my juices flowing. This is the way I intend to unlock my potential. Stand back, you may get a shock!

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