A beautiful train journey

It was a beautiful day for a train journey.  I was off to London for my very first Local CIO Council meeting with Socitm.  Despite the length of the journey and the lack of sleep (I can never sleep if I need to get up early) I was looking forward to my trip.

There is something about getting up early on a summer’s day, especially if it is sunny.  It was.  The sky was a hazy light blue as the sun came up, with small clouds peppered here and there.  The day promised warmth but at that hour it was cool and fresh and as I drove down to the station I was filled with a sense of optimism and excitement about the day ahead.

It wasn’t the LCIOC that made me feel this way.  I had avoided going so far and felt I couldn’t put it off any longer.  Nor was it the prospect of a day in London.  I don’t like the place and as soon as I can get away I will be back on the train.

No, I was looking forward to six hours of relatively uninterrupted time to give my attention to some aspects of my work that I find difficult to do on normal days, things like writing reports, reading articles and preparing for presentations.  These are all things which require a protracted period of attention and things which I struggle with when there is a myriad of distractions in front of me.  Good distractions I must add.  I feel my real work is being with and talking to people and so some solitude is welcome from time to time.

So, when I know I am going to be on a train I save up a whole bunch of things to do on the journey, set up a task to cover them and save any relevant documents into a file that can be accessible when off grid.  I don’t rely upon the on-board WiFi to connect. Perhaps that is also another attraction in that I am relatively uncontactable and manage to get a few hours of work in before the business comes along for the day.

Apart from avoiding poking my fellow passengers with my elbows, ensuring my legs don’t get whacked with the refreshments trolley and finding a seat at a table that hasn’t been reserved, I enjoyed my productive time on the permanent way.

It was a beautiful day.

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