Let’s become a craicocratic organisation

I owe this one to a Twitter conversation. I get involved in them from time to time.  This one was with Mark and Steve and Mark and Peter and of course, me.  It started with a response to one of my blogs on report writing though it is a subject that has come up before.

Work should be about dialogue and conversation.  We need to become a craicotocracy (based on news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation) rather than a reportocracy or a meetocracy.

I have long been of the view that there is no substitute for face to face conversation.  Despite the mind boggling amount of technology we have at our disposal, which gives us an unprecedented ability to connect, humans still need physical proximity.  Our technologies enhance our experiences yet, in the end we are social animals.

There has been a suggestion throughout these conversations that somehow new ways of working or Guerrilla Working would lead to fewer conversations and less interaction.  In my view it is the opposite that is true.  In a truly flexible and agile organisation, the work will flow and the people will move to where they are needed.  People will go to where they can add most value.  Indeed, the very essence of Guerrilla Working is about getting in amongst people to create opportunities and provide solutions.

The way forward for us as an organisation is to break away from the more formal mechanisms that hold us back, such as buildings, structures and report writing.  Yes, these things are important but they should be considerations rather than constraints.  This is what I mean by freedom from location, hierarchy and dogma.  Go where you need to be, involve who needs to be involved and keep to the rules that are necessary.

A craicotocracy is a great way of describing an organisation based on conversation, collaboration and co-creation.   Let’s go there.

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