I love going to Thinking Digital.  You get to meet all sorts of interesting people, like Henning.  This year the conference is only on for one day.  It’s a shame as it used to be over a couple of days yet I guess it’s hard work to fill the space. The day before the main conference gets going there are some workshops.  I went to one put on by Mike form Sogno.  I’ve known him for many years and he has come up in several of my blogs.  He is a friend of mine.

The workshop was titled ‘Be the hero of your own life.’  I promised Mike I’d try and get a couple of blogs out of it.

One of the exercises involved strength cards.  We split up into smaller groups and spread the cards on the floor in front of us.  There were five of us in the group I was in.  Each of us had to pick a card that represented a strength we thought we possessed and tell a story about why.  I picked the love of learning and told my story about Benny Lewis and learning foreign languages.  If you remember he told me if you want to learn a foreign language, then stop speaking English.  From this I ended up giving up my office but that is a different story.

Henning picked up the humour card.  He told us how his family has no humour.  Apparently they would never laugh at anything.  Meal times were a dour affair.  And this is what made him who he is today.  His story was full of laughs.  His sense of comic timing was near perfect and I was enraptured by his tale.  He went on to tell us that, because of this he recognises humourless situations wherever he goes and has come to realise that they often show a lack of engagement at work.  Where there is no laughter there is no enjoyment and where there is no enjoyment there is no engagement.

His mission was to bring humour to humourless situations.

I also wanted to pick up the humour card.  I think that I use this as part of my armoury often only sometimes my humour isn’t funny.

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