Twenty six days of colour – Raw umber #AtoZchallenge

We try to move our management meetings around.  It makes it fairer for those who have to travel in that everyone gets a turn at having to move around, it helps visibility in that the managers get to visit all of the sites we are based in and it keeps the meetings a little fresher as we have a different view each time.

Sometimes, like this morning we end up in the committee rooms with in County Hall.  You have to hand it to the place.  It is such a building of its time.  It is a time capsule, quaint, post-modern, quasi-brutalist and anachronistic.   Built in 1963 it portrayed a vision of a bright future that has now somewhat faded.

Inside it is full of period features.  I hope that they don’t get lost when the building is eventually demolished.  They are just as important to the history of the country as some of the stately homes that are under the management of the National Trust.  The people will pay a dollar and a half just to see them. You don’t know what you have got until it’s gone.

Just like the wooden panelling in the committee rooms.  It is beautiful in its own way, natural, organics and with the patina of age.  Its colour depends upon the tree, where it is positioned with respect to the windows and the amount it has been touched over the years.  The rooms have the colour of raw umber or perhaps russet.  They must have many a tale to tell.

It won’t have much to say about this morning’s meeting.  It was short anyway and I had to leave half way through to attend another.  I wonder if it knows we are contemplating its demise.  I’m going to miss the old place in a funny way.

Moving accommodation and changing ways of working is never going to be easy.  There will be plenty of raw nerves, raw emotions and of course raw umber.

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