Twenty six days of colour – Puce #AtoZchallenge

The other day I said I would meet Jenny at Comeleon House in Tanfield.  She wanted to come and thank one of my team for some design work they had done on the Council Plan.  It was a very nice touch and hugely appreciated.

Maxine came as well.  I took the opportunity to show them round the building.

Now I am the Guerrilla Worker.  I don’t have an office nor a desk and I just go and work where I think I can add most value.  In amongst customers, where the different teams are or by myself, it is all the same to me.  As this was the first time that Jenny had ever visited the place though I sat down at the reception desk, opened my laptop and caught up with some reports while I waited for her.

Comeleon House is named after the company that first occupied it.  I think the former district council bought it off them when they moved to larger premises.  Comeleon is an obvious play on chameleon, an animal that notoriously changes colour and so I should have plenty to choose from today.  I am going with puce, a dusky purple colour that adorns the walls in reception, the same reception in which I was sitting.  Where I live to be puce means to be angry but that is by the by.

The reason I like being a Guerrilla Worker is that you find out so much more about the business than you would do sitting in an office.  As people came into work they would see me sitting there and jokingly ask if I had a new job?  I replied that it may be one I could finally do!  But then they would stop and tell me something about what they were up to.

I learnt all about what the GIS team were up to, what had happened to our telephony supplier, some useful union related issues and how the problems with WiFi had been solved at County Hall. I learnt all this only because I had decided to sit out in reception.

Being confined within four walls upsets me now.  It even makes me annoyed, perhaps even puce.

One thought on “Twenty six days of colour – Puce #AtoZchallenge

  1. I didn’t know puce meant angry. Learn something every day, when you step outside your four walls. Works virtually, too! 🙂

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