Twenty six days of colour – Dandelion #AtoZchallenge

I didn’t have much choice from the colour palette today.  Dandelion or Denim, take your choice.  As it happened there wasn’t much colour anywhere as I made my way to work.  The earth and the sky merged into a soup of milk of magnesia.  The weather has turned back to steady rain again.

I had hoped that the hedgerows would be filled with dandelions.  Their smiling manes poking through the lush spring grass of the verges but it was not to be.  It is odd how every year is different.  Some years underneath the hedgerows are carpeted with dandelions and at other times it is another species that takes the lead.

There were plenty of daffodils, the odd bit of gorse and of course hundreds of yellow signs advertising new housing estates.  But there were no dandelions.

My first meeting of the day was at NetPark, our incubator and business development site, a few miles south of Durham City.  We had a strategy meeting, an annual update of what we are up to and future plans.  The place is booming.  Janet told us it was nearly full and there were men in yellow reflective jackets everywhere as additional space was being erected.  Not dandelion yellow.

For the last few years business has been tight and I was amazed at the transformation in fortunes.  At last I can see the growth that Durham deserves.  The ripening fruits of years of work.  The site has many companies involved in exciting and innovative products including anti-virals, airport security and high volume billing.  The satellite catapult has also located there which is another area I am interested in.  Data, Big Data and even more data.

NetPark is such a nice place to work and so I stayed a bit longer until I had to go back to County Hall.

No one was wearing denim

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