Twenty six days of colour – Asparagus #AtoZchallenge

I was driving home from Teesdale the other evening.  Although it was dark and cold it was a pleasant drive over the hills as I wasn’t in a hurry.  As is usual in such circumstances my mind began to wander and I got round to thinking about this year’s A-Z Blogging Challenge.  I wasn’t as yet decided whether to sign up or not.  I was struggling with a topic.

My first year was back in 2014 and followed a suggestion from an online colleague.  My stories came under the banner of ‘A year of work in progress’ and from day sixty to day seventy seven I covered subjects relating to work inspired, in a Sesame Street way, by a letter of the alphabet. (The more observant of you will note that there are several blogs missing and these were the Saturday and Easter bank holiday ones.)

My second year I took a break from my usual blog, ‘Unfolding Plans’ and had a stab at spending a month being left-handed.  I had read a book by AJ Jacobs called ‘The year of living biblically’ in which the author tried to live his for a year taking every word of the bible literally.

So I was driving along, listening to Classic FM when a piece of music came on by Ottorino Respighi called Vetrate di Chiesa (Church Windows), with four pieces reflecting the colours within the glass.  It came to me that colour would be a good theme.  I pulled to the side of the road and after a quick search found that there is a least one colour for every letter of the alphabet.

So that is how I arrived at this year’s topic.  All that is left for me is to relate my tales to some colour from the palette. Only because it was at the top of the list, I have chosen color-ize which is clearly American though I doubt this will detract from the challenge ahead.

I am number 1143 on the A-Z challenge list. As for the colour, I will go with the Asparagus that I had for tea.

8 thoughts on “Twenty six days of colour – Asparagus #AtoZchallenge

  1. Ooh, how was your month trying to be left-handed, I wonder? 🙂 You really have an interesting topic for this year, I think – I’m interested to see how it progresses throughout the month!

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