Volunteer Gary

I always like to have someone else with me when I am doing the presentations to ICT Services.  There are two real reasons.  The first is that I don’t think it’s great to hear me banging on all the time and having someone else there gives the audience (and me) a break.  The second is that it gives others an opportunity to improve their presentation skills.

Being able to get your message across, for me, is a key skill of management and certainly one of leadership.  It’s something that anyone in such a position should be at least proficient with.  Yet many of the managers we have don’t like to stand up and present.  It is something they would rather avoid than embrace.  This seems natural to me.  It is embarrassing when you are not used to presenting to have to stand up in front of people, especially if they are your colleagues, or perhaps worse your seniors.

I must admit that I still get nervous before I present and it is something I do time and time again.  Practice makes perfect as they say.  One day I might be quite good.  I remember when I started my career and presenting was something I had to get used to, that my manager at the time said to me that I should remember that those in the audience would much rather that I was up there at the front than they were.

This time though I have something different.  Gary has volunteered to present.  He is not on the management team and so hats off to him.  Some of those who are may want to take note.  He dropped me a mail to ask if he could get involved and I am delighted that he now is. The reasons for him getting involved are that he wanted to develop his career and saw this as a necessary skill.  I’ll go with that.  He also thought he had a good story to tell and having heard him run through his draft he certainly has.

I’m excited as I know that the person standing alongside me at this round is someone who is wanting to be there and for the right reasons to boot.  He is feeling nervous about the whole thing and, no doubt, not everything will work perfectly on the day but I’m sure that he is going to be great.  So thanks Gary.

The presentations start this Thursday.

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