Coat stand

I am the Guerrilla Worker.  I rock up, open up my laptop and Bob is my uncle.  Work is something I do rather than somewhere I go.  I have never had a problem in finding anywhere to work.  Indeed, I am writing this sitting at a desk in a room on floor six of County Hall that I never knew we had.  I have never been in here.  It is part of the building that is euphemistically called the conservatory.  If the sky would lift there would be a great view.

Being a Guerrilla Worker is great.  It has many advantages yet from time to time I must admit that there is the odd downside.  These are mostly around my own domestic arrangements.  When I am out and about I can normally get a drink.  Some kind soul will ask if I want at tea or coffee, or they are laid on for the meetings I attend.  This is not always the case.  It would seem that floor six is not exactly an oasis.

During the winter months though I have come across another problem and that is what to do with my coat.  This wasn’t something I considered when planning for my change in working style.  It was not in my strategic thinking.  As it is cold outside then I have a hat, scarf and coat to lug around with me all day.  The problem is worse if it is raining. The solution is simple however and that is to go and leave them close to the last place that I plan to be at either that day or at least in that building.  That wasn’t too bad a problem in the end.

The moral is though that it is not the work things that will trip us up over New Ways of Working but rather the more hygiene related issues.  Our best laid plans will be measured against how easy it is to make yourself a drink and how easy it is to hang up your outdoor clothing.  The way that I am able to operate today may be reliant upon the fact that most other people are static.  Coat stands and beverages are already placed around our building because that is where people work.

Such things cannot be taken for granted in our modern and agile future.

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