Anyone who has had a child will have had that awkward moment when you simply could not ask their simplest of questions.  To them the world is new.  Everything has a reason and everything can be challenged with a simple ‘why?’ or ‘what’s that?’   By the time you are an adult though you have become jaded and accept that some things just are.  You’re gloss of curiosity has rubbed off and the wonder of the world has faded.  It is a shame.

We started this round of presentations with a video clip from a show called Lucky Louie, starring Louis C.K. an American comedian.  YouTube is a wonderful thing.  On the eve of her fourth birthday, Louie’s daughter Lucy starts asking a lot of whys, forcing him to explain why he has a lousy part-time job in a muffler shop and how life has ended up as it is.

Questions are a very useful tool.  Toyota’s five why’s technique is a great example.  It is remarkably simple.  When a problem occurs, you uncover its nature and source by asking ‘why’ no fewer than five times.

I thought it would be a good idea if we devoted at least some of the presentation to those questions that people wanted answering and so before Christmas, Alli wrote out to everyone asking people if there was something they wanted to ask.  She also asked them to send in a video of them asking it but that was a step too far.  We got several questions but no videos.  We were asked:

What is the current state of the savings?  Where are we with the money we have to save and will this have an effect upon jobs? I think this is the question that most of us are worried about and so I put it on first.

Why are facilities management responsible for access to ICT secure areas like the data centre?  Why would they not be as it is their job?  This one is a question of trust.

Why don’t we have offices in ICT?  I’ve covered this in my blog already.

Why when we need a decision on anything do we have to write a report? This one has been covered as well.

Why don’t we perform on-load testing of the emergency power systems at Tanfield? Quite a niche question but something to do with electrical works.

What is it that I am trying to achieve?  I put this one in myself just to remind everyone.

The approach seemed to work well.  I think it is better to try and address the questions, even if some of them are not comfortable, rather than leaving them hanging in the air.  I’ll try the approach again.

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