Now, I am a Guerrilla Worker

I worked in nine separate rooms yesterday, all within County Hall.  When I say work I mean I used my laptop to write, converse or otherwise communicate.  I started on the lower ground before moving up to two rooms on the ground floor.  I then moved back down to the lower ground but this time at the opposite end of the building where the members reside.  I worked in two rooms there.  After that I went up to the fifth floor for a meeting on our new student app with Alan before going to a business continuity planning meeting on floor one.  Rooms eight and nine were on floor two.

It was quite a day.  In each room I was able to rock up, as they say, open up my laptop and get on with stuff.  Now, I am a Guerrilla Worker.  This style of working is what I do.  I am a nomad without an office or desk.  There is never a problem in finding somewhere to go.

Guerrilla Working has two aspects: bringing talent together around a problem (which is what we are doing with most of our applications now) and getting in amongst where the work is really done.  In spite of all the places I visited yesterday I was only truly a Guerrilla Worker in one room and that was the second last place I worked in.  It was up with Children’s and Adults Services and in a room I have never been in.  I had an hour to spare between meetings and so chose somewhere close to where I was due to be next.

I’ll say it again.  You never know what really goes on until you experience it in the flesh.  Within a few minutes of sitting down I got involved in a conversation about using SharePoint rather than distribute large files.  I felt I ought to get involved due to my position.  I also found out that the wireless was not working properly and logged a call to get it fixed.  (How do these people survive?  They are hard wired of course.)  I struck up a conversation with several colleagues who were all surprised (pleasantly) to see me.

It was a well spent hour.  People ask me why I work in this way to which I reply ‘why wouldn’t I?’  For me, the benefits far outweigh any downsides.  I would not want to go back.

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