Jigsaws are a team sport

The trouble with trying to write something for my blog every day is that eventually I’m going to have to repeat myself.  With approaching a thousand pieces written repetition is inevitable. It’s no bad thing really, as restating your messages is a good way to remember them.  I remember that from my times tables.
Way back in October 2013 I wrote about jigsaws and how our evolutionary led traits have developed the skills needed to solve this kind of puzzle.  It is a subject that I must return to, jigsaws that is not evolution.

Over Christmas my youngest daughter and I started a jigsaw.  It was one of two that we had bought for a canal holiday. The whole family did the first one of them on the narrow boat and the other one had remained in the box. Until now that is.

I never realised how jigsaws are a team sport. They are so much easier and better when you have company.  Your partner sees things that you don’t and vice versa.

Anyway, it was a thousand pieces (one for each blog?) and was of Goring Lock in Oxfordshire.  While it was a beautiful picture of England at leisure, it was hard and my daughter had to leave before it was complete. I managed to finish off everything but the sky.  It was the blue that beat me in the end and I gave up much to my consternation.

What has made me think of this is that whenever we got a bit stuck we would refer back to the jigsaw lid.  That showed us what the end game was.  The lid was our blueprint.  Now that was great because both of us were looking at the same lid, the same picture and each of the jigsaw pieces fell into an understood wider picture.

But what happens if we were looking at different lids?  The individual pieces may still make sense but the overall picture would be lost, confused and irrelevant.

And that made me think about work.  If all of us just look after our own little pieces the jigsaw will never get finished.  From time to time we need to lift our heads and remind ourselves of the picture we are trying to complete.  We all need to look at the same set of objectives.

Our strategy and our service plans are our jigsaw lid.

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