A year of work in progress – day 101

Day 101 – 5 June 2014

I had no presentations today but I did go and check my laptop with the projector in committee room two as it didn’t show the video correctly yesterday. In a way that was fortunate as most of the rude bits were left off the screen. I have the same presentation on Monday and so would like to fix it before then but it turned out that I was showing a bad version.

Instead, I had four meetings in County Hall in the morning and a school visit in the afternoon. The first was with Anna, the director of Public Health. They have been part of the council’s offering for just over a year now and are happy with the service we provide which is always heartening to know. I can’t admit to being au fait with what public health do but that’s all changed now. Public health is about keeping people well whereas social care is about looking after people who are not.

We had a useful discussion about using social media and web technologies to raise the profile of what they (we) are trying to achieve through better visibility both internally and externally. They have five statutorily mandated functions around: sexual health; national child measurement provision; health protection; health checks and; clinical commission groups input. The ability to get their message out is critical.

We also talked about how Digital Durham is going to help drive health improvements as well as the role of women in ICT. I’m like a dog with a bone, just give me anyone who will listen.

My third meeting was with O2 following up on the big data theme we started a few months back. Although we have a few things going on including the trip to Edinburgh, some work with local health people and the possibility of something with the University I haven’t yet got this to stick.

They showed me what they ‘knew’ about the movement of people across the country and how useful this would be to tell the story and get the world as excited as we were. We agreed a plan before I rushed off to my forth meeting. This one was about an e-marketplace.

I mentioned way back on day 46 that work sometimes feels like the tide is out and at other times it is in. During this meeting it rushed in like it does around Holy Island and I was lucky not to get left stranded on the causeway. Basically I had started down a road and missed the boat on what was wanted. I fessed up and was able to define what was required. I need to go and think about what resources is required on what will be an enormous amount of work.

At the school in the afternoon the Head said to me that I had an ICT handshake and I’m still wondering what he meant.

It turns out that I have had an article published about me and my views in Computing. I dare not read it.

Learning points for today: It’s always learning, never training; one of our councillors worked on Apollo 11; what is written may not be what was said and; always make sure what you are trying to do before starting it.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – inundated.

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