A year of work in progress – day 80

Day 80 – 6 May 2014

It’s big data week. You probably haven’t heard. I didn’t until I was asked if we wanted to put on an event but in the end there wasn’t enough time. Big Data is too big for one week anyway but that reminds me to give an update on where I am with the ten things I was going to do in 2014.

Before I start though I would like to say how much I had enjoyed my weekend. Three days off from work spent with my family would have been marvellous and it was in big parts but we had some issues to contend with. Some fairly routine work, not involving ICT ended up having significant consequences for us and ruined the weekend for a dozen or so of my team. I guess we should have known that the best laid plans of mice and men and all that. We had some mopping up to do this morning, a lot of mopping up.

OK, of my ten things, these are going well: Get to know all tier 4 managers; Collaborate with another authority. These are going not too bad: Understand demand; Sort out Out of Hours; Be a more agile service; Finish my book; Learn Dutch. These could do better: Get back on the optimisation horse; Do something with big data (well I guess this is the week for it).

Overall though I have managed to enjoy every day at work (until this one) but on the odd occasion it has been touch and go.

Today was wall to wall meetings, seven in total from 8:30 with no pause for breath. I could probably achieve more if I tried to do a little less.   I had a one to one with Bob, a meeting about trading followed by one on the web site development, a meeting on business intelligence strategy (could be a big data thing?), a catch up on the forthcoming conference and finally two meetings with suppliers.

Of course all of this went by the way as the problems rumbled on from the weekend.

Learning points for today: Life gets in the way of planning sometimes; what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in practice; always stop for lunch.

Today’s enjoyment rating – No enjoyment at all.

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