A year of work in progress – day 26

Day 26 – 7 February 2014

Today was all about Building Schools for the Future or BSF to use its initials.  The brain child of Tony Blair’s government, BSF was designed as an investment programme to improve the lot of secondary schools across the country.  Apparently politicians from all English political parties were supportive of the principle but questioning of the wisdom and cost effectiveness of the scheme.  The current government has abandoned the programme but still understand the need to invest in modern learning.

Investment in ICT was always a mainstay of the programme and so we have been involved from its inception.  I think it was a shame that the word building appeared as it allowed an overly enthusiastic concentration on the construction elements.

Durham ended up with eight schools in the programme and our role was to work with initially with the ICT provider and then to take on the support of their technology through a Managed Service Unit (MSU).  After a long and protracted gestation period the service offering has settled down and we offer the full service to six schools and partial service to the other two.

We are now half way through the original five year contract term and so ten of us got together today to look at three things (there are always three things): The future service that we would like to offer; How we invest in future schools and; The ongoing development of our learning gateway.

We had a thought-shower session (Google it) and came up with nearly a hundred things we need to consider to create a vision document to describe where we think the learning market is going and how we can work with schools to get there.  We went from product sets to evening classes and from Gove to philanthropy.  We agreed what we are going to do on each of the three streams.

I changed the name of room 5/109 from Phil’s Office to Room for Improvement.

Learning points for today:  I fall for it too easily and my team always manage to get me to bite; MFDs can also be called MFPs and; Caption competitions attract a lot of amusement.

Today’s enjoyment rating 9/10 – Another week over.

2 thoughts on “A year of work in progress – day 26

  1. Whine … you get to the most interesting of meetings… 😉 I’m still trying to get a pw to the governor portal 18 months after being a governor! Lots of interesting things to do in education. One of my eldest son’s subject teachers is using the class dojo app to award merit points. Be interested to know how many other schools use the system.

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