Unproportional representation

Proportional representation is a an electoral system in which parties gain seats in proportion to the number of votes cast for them, rather than our first past the post system where the individual with the most votes, irrespective of the number in relation to the size of the electorate gets into power. It has always … Continue reading Unproportional representation

First past the post

In our form of democracy, a first past the post system is used. In a general election, votes are held at constituency level with the person enjoying the most votes, of those placed and counted, getting the job of representing the people in Westminster. The reason given for using such an approach is that it … Continue reading First past the post

A year of work in progress – day 213

Day 213 – 10 December 2014 Despite the weather bomb the 4:45 pulled away on time from Newcastle Central Station. Leaving home at such an ungodly hour reminded me of the years that I worked in Cambridge when I would regularly leave at such time in the morning. All that was on the road were … Continue reading A year of work in progress – day 213

Delegated Democracy

Here’s a thought, a different type of democracy, one where everyone gets to cast a vote. It is a universal suffrage, once you have reached the required age. Everyone can register and everyone gets the chance to put an X on the ballot paper only there is a difference. You can only cast someone else’s … Continue reading Delegated Democracy

The fickle glitter ball

So, Abbey Clancy has been crowned Strictly Come Dancing champion for 2013.  Congratulations.  I must admit that my favourite was Natalie Gumede but I cannot complain, after all it has been a fantastic series.  Both Clancy and Gumede have been near the top of the leader board throughout the last three months and both have … Continue reading The fickle glitter ball