European Elections North East England

Picture thanks to British in Europe

If you live in North East England and are pro European Union then you need to think about voting in the European Elections on 23 May. In these elections only parties can stand and there are only three that have an unequivocal position on the EU, ChangeUK, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats.

Labour has changed its message on its website: Labour’s priority is to get the best Brexit deal for jobs and living standards. The site still says however: Labour respects the result of the referendum, and Britain is leaving the EU. Their manifesto does refer to the option of a public vote and so I will leave it to you.

Other parties are also standing on a clear anti-EU ticket.

The North East will return 3 MEPs using the d’Hondt system which tries to allocate seats depending upon the relative proportions of votes received. An explanation of the system is given here in video and on Wikipedia.

The ChangeUK website states:

For a people’s vote. For remain.

It has now added its ‘Charter for Remain’ on the website, which says it will: Campaign for your right to a final say in a People’s Vote – and we will campaign for Remain, making the positive case for Britain in Europe. @ForChange_Now

The Green Party website states :

Ahead of the 2016 referendum, the Green Party campaigned to Remain in the EU, and we’re going to continue to fight for the Britain we believe in.

In the years ahead, we’ll be pushing back on the Government’s plans for an extreme Brexit, and we’ll be campaigning for progressive social, economic and environmental outcomes across three priority areas.

We will also be calling for a vote on the terms of the deal, as we believe that the EU referendum of 2016 should be seen as the start of a democratic process, not the end of it.

Further information on Europe can be found in the Political Programme on the website. @TheGreenParty

The Liberal Democrats Party website states:

We believe that Britain is better off in the EU. That’s why we’re fighting for an Exit from Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats want to give you the final say on the Brexit deal.

You should be able to choose whether the deal is the right deal for Britain’s future. If it’s not, then you should be able to reject it and remain in the European Union.

The Liberal manifesto for the European elections is now on their website. @LibDems


Here are the relevant candidates:

Frances Weetman, ChangeUK @francesweetman

Penny Hawley, ChangeUK @KitchenDreamer

Kathryn Heywood, ChangeUK

Rachel Featherstone, Green @RachelFeather10

Jonathan Elmer, Green @Jonathan_Elmer

Dawn Furness, Green @DawnFurness

Fiona Hall, Liberal Democrats, @FionaHallEU

Julie Porksen, Liberal Democrats, @JuliePorksen

Aidan King, Liberal Democrats

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