So we’ve had the European Elections 2019


It was certainly an interesting election, despite the poor turnout. Overall turnout was around 37% of the electorate, up from 35.6 in 2014 which still means that nearly 2 out of every 3 people did not exercise their democratic right. The picture in the North East constituency was even worse with just 32.7% turnout, from a possible 1,905,534 people, up from 30.9% in 2014. Emily Davidson will be turning in her grave.

Political apathy is still the biggest party in the UK. It and disinformation are probably the biggest threats to democracy that we are facing.

What have we learnt then? There has been the usual claim and counterclaim that this party won and that this is what the will of the people is saying, yet nobody knows. Politicians would like you to think that they know what your vote meaning and that there is somehow a collective view of the way the world should be. Everyone, however, casts their vote independently, or perhaps in small family groups.

Nationally we know that the most successful party was the Brexit Party. It has secured the most UK seats but not a majority of them. It would seem that those parties with a clear position on Brexit have done best, with votes for remain parties exceeding those of the so called hard Brexit parties. Both the Conservatives and Labour have done badly. Whether these results would transpose to a general election, again, nobody knows but there is great sport to be had in speculation.

Overall it looks like there is something to get excited about whatever your position, unless you are one of the two ‘main’ parties.

As for this region: It is clear that the North East of England European constituency is pro Brexit. The share of stated Brexit  parties went up from 34.7% to 44.9% 2014 to 2019, while the share of stated Remain parties went up from 11.1% to 28.9%

The constituency voted for a majority of right leaning parties. Their voter numbers grew from 2014 to 2019 by approx 2000 votes or 0.5% while the share declined from 52.4% to 51.7%. Overall voting numbers were up by 1.8% points.

Congratulations to the two Brexit Party MEPs who were elected along with one from Labour, a change from one UKIP and two Labour in 2014. The full results are given at the end of this blog. Here are your representatives.

@TheBluetrot – Brian Monteith, Brexit Party

@CllrTennant – John Tennant, Brexit Party

@Jude_KDJude Kirton-Darling, Labour Party

European Election 2019: North East England
Party Candidates Votes % ±
Brexit Brian Monteith, John Tennant

Richard Monaghan

240,056 38.73 38.73
Labour Jude Kirton-Darling

Paul Brannen, Clare Penny-Evans

119,931 19.35 -17.12
Liberal Democrat Fiona Hall, Julie Pörksen, Aidan King 104,330 16.83 10.9
Green Rachel Featherstone, Jonathan Elmer, Dawn Furness 49,905 8.05 2.86
Conservative Richard Lawrie, Chris Galley, Duncan Crute 42,395 6.84 -10.86
UKIP Richard Elvin, Christopher Gallacher, Alan Breeze 38,269 6.17 -23.02
Change UK Frances Weetman, Penny Hawley, Kathryn Heywood 24,968 4.03 4.03
Turnout 619,854 32.7 1.8

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