No one should be criticised for not being able to see the future but criticism is valid when a vision of a likely future is laid out and those responsible do not take action. This is the accusation against the government and its seeming inability to provide the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to the … Continue reading PPE

Lean your kitchen

I saw an article the other day on whether you can apply lean principles to your kitchen.  It was called  Determining the Overall Productivity in Your (Wife's) Kitchen and came with an amusing video, sepia-tinted to make it look old.  Now I know that lean is more of a way of thinking than a set … Continue reading Lean your kitchen

Love in the racks

For the second time in a week I’ve had the pleasure of visiting our Direct Services building in Meadowfield.  It’s a great big modern and handsome building with a spacious yard at the back.   I say pleasure without a hint of sarcasm or facetiousness as the visit stirred some memories held deeply inside me, memories … Continue reading Love in the racks