It is funny where life takes you if you let it.  It is filled with little nooks and crannies down which you can wander.  Inquisitiveness can be a blessing and a curse however.  There is always something interesting to discover but there is never enough time to chase it all.

My latest rich seam to mine is the relationship between the creative arts and technology.  I’ve been thinking about this ever since my meeting with Jason and our talk about Creative Fuse.  Durham has a growing reputation for supporting the arts.  Lumiere is coming.  It is an important event in terms of the cultural calendar.  It will be followed in the same month by the LUCI conference (Lighting Urban Community International), a major coup for the county and the council.  Durham is the place of light.

Steve had the idea of merging our open data work with the Lumiere event.  Perhaps we could help in two ways, in providing some underlying data about the event or the traffic, but also working with artists using our data to create an installation. Something interactive perhaps.  We met with another Steve, the Head of Culture to pitch the idea.  He liked the thinking behind it and agreed to get us involved in some meetings with the people who run the event.  They should be coming up shortly.

We then went on to talk about the other opportunities that the arts and tech sectors in Durham could get involved in.  It is a whole new world, certainly for those on the more technical side of the fence and one we would like to know more about.  A whole string of possibilities then followed.

I am not aware of how active the scene is in Durham though I understand that the county is highly regarded for the support it gives to the arts.  I do know what the position is with tech however.  Bringing them together could be a real platform for creativity and growth.

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