Why my website?

A call on the phone when I’m driving home is rarely a good thing.  I’m never sure I should take them but the hands free option makes it hard to say no.  The number was from Manchester and not one I recognised, nor was the voice on the other end of the line when I finally accepted.

He was called Anique and is studying Information and Communications at Manchester Metropolitan University.  He has just finished his second year and will be going into the third year during which he has to work on a series of website projects as part of the coursework.

He explained that he had come across my Guerrilla Working website and wanted to suggest some ideas to make it more responsive and better optimised.  My website would be the first of four that he has to work on in order to complete the main requirements of his coursework.  I was the first person that he had contacted because he wanted to start with a basic website and go from there.

All the time I was driving along, listening over a bad connection and thinking that this sounded a bit odd.  Why me?  Why my website?  Was it a scam?

He came to the end of his pitch and asked if I would be interested. Part of me was thinking no but then I thought why not?  If he is genuine, here is someone trying to get into the industry and looking for a little help and so why not?

My only concern was that somehow this was a hoax and so I asked him to send me a mail explaining what he had said over the phone and letting me know how he had come across my name.  This I duly received and so he is underway.  I’ve seen some of his suggestions, we’ve had a couple of email exchanges and I’m looking forward to what he comes up with.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to use any of his work as I am somewhat limited by the tools I have at my disposal yet this could be the start of a whole new era for both of us.  All because he picked up the phone and rang me.

2 thoughts on “Why my website?

  1. Impossible for this activity to ever be commissioned unless it was that you had spoken with each other. High Value, Iteration, Message-Contingency, Feedback, Relationship… cannot really navigate to where your mutual interests meet unless through a voice communication, the channel which will never die.

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