Writing discipline

The discipline of writing something every day can be trying.  Some days the words come easily yet there are other days when nothing flows.  Today is one of those days.   I think it was Carlos Ruiz Zafon who said that the only way to write was to sit at the desk and squeeze your brain until it hurts. I am sitting with my laptop on my knee and squeezing hard.  It hurts.

I guess that the only way to write is to write.

I’ve said it a few times that I blog for a number of reasons and one of the main ones is that it allows me to do my thinking in the open.  Bashing away at the keys lets me line up my thoughts in a story that, at least at first glance, gives the appearance of being logical.  Never confuse logic and my blog however.

This can cause a few issues though. Sometimes my thoughts are just that, thoughts and not facts. (There is probably very little that I write that can be described as an absolute fact).  Sometimes I change my mind, I am human after all and sometimes I am just plain wrong.  Not everything I write will turn out as I had hoped at the time.  Life gets in the way.

My writing is also open to interpretation.  I may mean one thing when I write yet the reader takes it as something else.  This could be because I have described my thoughts badly or the reader’s mind is elsewhere. That is the beauty of the English language.  It has so many words that can mean more than one thing.

But none of this is a problem, if writing the blog helps me to garner my thoughts and allows others to engage in the process then that has to be good.  At least I think it is and, after all, it is my blog.  No one can accuse me of hiding what I am up to.  Whether what I have to say is ultimately right or wrong, interesting or rubbish is really neither here nor there.  That is in the eye of the beholder.

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