Unfolding plans 93 – postcards from the edge

Sales of postcards are going up, or coming down.  It depends upon where you get your information from.  Some publications suggest that people still like to send them as pastiches of their time away on holiday as they lend a more personal touch to their correspondence with friends and family.  Others however claim that they are in terminal decline as the seemingly inexorable rise of electronic traffic continues.

My own position is unclear.  I still like to send them when I am away yet I’m not sure if I am sending more or less.  There are too many variables which can alter the picture, such as the number of holidays, the number of friends and family, how long or how far you are away and whether or not you like your relatives enough to bother.  On reflection I’m probably sending the same number and fully accept that they will arrive at their intended destination long after we have got home.  I enjoy sending them.  They are a part of the holiday tradition, an opportunity to gloat by reminding those close to you that you are having a great time and they are not.

So why is it that we reserve this quaint tradition for when we go away on holiday or break from our normal routine?  Don’t we get to visit some interesting places during the course of our normal lives and wouldn’t our relative like to know what we are up to?  I go to some great places on my rounds.  OK, they may not all be on the tourist route but surely they must hold some interest.

For the month of July I’m going on a workation.  While I am out and about I’m going to stop and buy a postcard that shows the beautiful or unusual places that I happened to have visited.  I’m going to have to dig out a pen to write on the back and I’m going to send them to my youngest daughter as she was in the plan.  I might have some explaining to do with my other daughter but I’m sure she’ll understand.  I’ve bought a book of second class stamps.  I don’t want to go too much overboard.

Today, conveniently I was down in London, a rich place to explore the world of postcards.  I was presenting at a conference on ‘Transforming The Way We Work: A Vision for Mobile Public Sector.’  That is for another blog though.

I bought a nice postcard showing a picture of various London scenes from a shop just by Tottenham Court Road Tube Station.  I have to say that there were plenty to choose from but I didn’t really have time to dwell on it as the conference beckoned.  I wrote on the back to say what I was up to and how I was going to try and send her one on each of the twenty one days in July when I am at work.  I am off on holiday for two days.  Let’s see if I can keep it up and she doesn’t get too many cards from Durham.

Wish you were here.

2 thoughts on “Unfolding plans 93 – postcards from the edge

  1. Great post! I love sending postcards all the time, especially when I’m not on vacation. I think they’re a lovely way to say hello. Sometimes I send them to friends in the same city because they are always wonderful to receive. One of my favorite postcards I sent when living in New Orleans was two people walking dreamily in the rain.

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