My last blog of the year 2017

GlogeI always try to finish off the year with something special to say. All of my blogs try to say something yet the end of the year and the start of the new one is a strange time, a period of reflection and a opportunity for renewal.  

The world does not know any difference. The first of January will be the same as every other day. In the northern hemisphere it will be bit lighter than the day before and the globe will spin a little less quickly, yet for us humans this is the arbitrary start to the next twelve months. It is time for us to shed our skins and become someone that we have always wanted to be but the chances of us changing are remote.

The road to hell is paved with new year’s resolutions.

This year though I have been prompted to write following a conversation with Laura Degiovanni from TiQu. We had met to talk about her ideas around developing trust within the consultancy market and this is something that I am keen to look at when I get back after the break. In our opening conversation I was talking to her about what I do when she asked me ‘What do I want?’

I was stumped for words. I knew what I was doing and what I was trying to achieve but not the end goal. I was really not clear about my objective. If I have no idea of where I want to get to, then any road will do.

Here it is then, my thoughts on what it is that I want, at least from my work perspective.

I want to be part of a growing band of people involved in changing our relationship with and the way that we think about work. I don’t want to lead the drive as I don’t have the energy, but want to work with likeminded people to help create truly democratic and liberated organizations where people are free to contribute in the best way that they can, free form the shackles of location, hierarchy and dogma.

Work is changing. More and more people are talking to me about how there is something wrong with the system in which we find ourselves. There is something positive in the breeze.

This is what I want.

Thank you Laura and thank you all for reading. See you in the new year.

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