The power of social media

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I use Twitter a lot. It is my way of keeping brand Phil alive and well. I know it works as people respond and always mention it to me when I meet up with them. As Carlos Fuentes said ‘We all need witnesses to our life to be able to live it.’ Occasionally though it throws up something interesting and that is what happened to me last week.

As I normally do, I was tweeting what I was up to, partly to show the range of things that I am involved in and partly to promote the vibrancy of our region. At least that it what I tell myself. I posted ‘Next stop Slug and Lettuce Newcastle to meet up with Kate from @UniofNewcastle to talk about @CreativeFuse I hope @SlugNCL’ It turned out that Kate was from Northumberland county Council but I will not let the truth get in the way of the story. Within minutes this came in:

Hi Phil – Spotted you’re at the Slug and Lettuce on the quayside today and as we’re practically next door I thought I’d take the opportunity to offer the opportunity to pop in have a show round and find out more about some of the digital projects we’re working on at the moment? Good coffee or tea and biscuits provided of course 🙂 If you’re interested just let me know – Ian, Marketing Manager.

I was free after my meeting with Kate and so I thought why not. Enigma Interactive is a company that I was aware of but never visited. It was an opportunity to make amends. Sure enough, Ian showed me around though I was full up with coffee by then. He showed me some of the fantastic work they are doing in working with clients to develop effective and meaningful digital strategies that help grow their businesses. It is in another interesting building as well.

Newcastle is currently the top city in the UK for digital jobs growth and the North East is filled with tech companies, like Enigma Interactive, doing their own thing and we need to do a better job of telling the world about what we have. It is the only place to be.

Of course I tweeted all about it.

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