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My forays into the world of video are getting better. I don’t know if I am getting the hang of it or just getting used to it but they certainly seem to be flowing better. Who knows, some day video may well be my medium.

My latest has been to help out at Northumbria University with their business development programme. Amy asked if I could help by talking about some of my experiences and share my thoughts on leadership in general. I was only to happy to get involved as Amy had helped us develop and deliver the ‘Executive Women in ICT’ programme when I was chair of the North Eastern ICT Managers group. Another course is planned for this year coming, which is something I hope I can get involved in again.

Everything was well planned with professional cameras and someone on hand to work them. All I had to do was talk to Amy and forget that the camera was there. It reminded me of my first venture into radio but it could not have been easier. The secret to success is clearly to forget that you are being filmed. These are the questions that we covered.

  1. What does leadership mean to you?
  2. Tell me about your everyday experience as a leader.
  3. What was your journey to become a leader?
  4. What do you value the most in yourself as a leader?
  5. What would you say is the greatest challenge you have to overcome as a leader?
  6. How do you know if you are successful as a leader?
  7. How do you develop yourself as a leader to keep pace with challenges in the external environment?
  8. What do you look for in a leader?
  9. How do you nurture and encourage a culture of innovation, adaptation and learning?

I will have to wait until I see the video before I remember what I said. I guess that like with most things, mastering video is a question of practice. Perhaps now I can call myself a visiting lecturer?

2 thoughts on “Business development video

  1. It’s a powerful way to communicate, that’s for sure. In marketing terms it’s supposed to be the best way to connect with new people, as they see the ‘real person’ behind the corporate image. I know people who use it to great effect.

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