A spoonful of humour

A man came up to me after the Socitm meeting.  We had just broken for lunch but he clearly wanted to speak to me.  I had claimed my seat and was walking back to the carvery when he approached.  I had said hello already when he arrived, I try to welcome everyone who comes.  I assumed he was leaving and I shook his hand.  I was wrong, he wanted to talk.

He stood a bit closer to me than I was used to but everyone has their own idea of space.  I put it to the back of my mind.  We hadn’t met before yet he said how he had written to me.  I meet a lot of people, some on passing and others more intimately.  I had replied to his mail along the lines of how his topic was of interest, just not now.

I listened to his pitch.  He had a product that he thought would be useful to me and my organisation.  Perhaps it will be. He touched my elbow with his hand to emphasise our new relationship.  I agreed to meet up with him to hear what he had to say further.  He is going to send me an email.

He went on to tell me how much he had enjoyed the meeting.  He went to many around the country and a lot of them were dry affairs.  He had enjoyed the range of topics and how humour had been used to lighten the mood.  I thanked him and nodded.  I like to enjoy what I do.  Some of the topics we cover at the Socitm meetings are not exactly side-splitting and a few laughs help the medicine go down.  We are at work for a long time and we may as well have fun.  No jokes mind you.  I can’t do them but a few anecdotes and a couple of quips oil the wheels.

I shook his hand again and this time said goodbye.  Lunch beckoned.

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