I’ve been trying to get our ICT strategy onto a page.  A single page.  It is proving to be quite difficult because of all the complexity and the enormous list of things we get involved in.  I’ve tried words and I’ve tried pictures.  I would really like it to be like an infographic, all modern and interesting but it seems to be beyond me, or is it?  The answer is quite simple.  Put it on A0.

Andy told me he does everything on A0.  Everything indeed?   He is an A0 kind of guy.  It is big and beautiful, sixteen times the size of paper that I am used to if my mathematics is working.  He showed me some examples of what he gets up to, architecture diagrams, flow charts and bubble charts.  They were beautiful in their simplicity and exquisite in their detail.  They were works of art, a creative fusion.  If I had walls I would cover them with them, but I am a Guerrilla Worker, homeless and nomadic.  I work within walls but am not confines nor defined by them

His works were still not on one page.  There was still too much detail.  He managed to get twenty five systems on a page, a big page.  It was a tube map of their relationships.  But we have over three hundred systems, six hundred if you believe what others say.  Scale is not on our side.  Scale always catches Durham out.  We have lots of things.

I am not going to let that stand in my way.  I am going to get him to do some work for us.  I am going to get him to work his magic, to simplify the complex and add clarify to the clouded.  I want some of his A0 works and if needs be, I will find a wall to stick them on.

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