Forget bimodal

Have you heard about bimodal IT?  It’s a new one on me.  Apparently it is one of Gartner’s and has been around for a while.  I can’t be expected to keep all of the jargon.  That would be a lifetime’s work.

In short, bimodal means that there are two types of IT.  The stuff that keeps the lights on and the stuff that adds value.  Hello, there is nothing new here.  This is an age old argument between the so called ‘business as usual’ and the change elements of what we do.  As if somehow change is not business as usual.

But forget bimodal, for the last seven years we’ve been tri-modal.  Our strategy is clear, we have three jobs.

  • To provide a secure, stable and robust environment which enables Durham County Council to utilise existing hardware and software applications as effectively and efficiently as is practical.
  • To work with Members, Service Groupings, Residents, Partners, Learners and other interested parties to develop or implement ICT solutions to help meet their objectives.
  • To identify new ICT opportunities and provide technical expertise to enable Durham County Council to deliver services in a new way, whilst improving efficiency, reducing operational costs or increase income.

So basically operational technology, maximising existing applications and new stuff.

Describing such an approach is simple but delivering it is more difficult. Yes, we have to reduce the amount of resources on operational tasks so we can increase our focus on the value added but unless your technology works you are not even invited to the table.

If you want to add value, start by getting the basics right.  Be tri-modal.

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