A great night at Dynamites16

What a fantastic night it was at Dynamites 16.  When Charlie Hoult, the chair of Dynamo North East, the organisation working to grow the tech industry across the region, asked if I would lead on the judging panel for last night’s awards it never occurred to me that standing up in front of everyone would be part of the deal.  Things they don’t tell you at the interview.

So I ended up giving a speech in front of three hundred and sixty of the tech industry’s glitterati.  In fact, I ended up doing an opening and a closing speech.

I must admit that I had been standing on that stage before though.  I was lucky enough to represent the Digital Durham Programme which won the first ever Dynamites award for its work in bringing better broadband across ten local authority areas.  Believe me, getting ten councils to work together has been no mean achievement.

The Dynamites Awards is a celebration of everything that is great about the Tech industry in the North East but we can’t rest on our laurels.  The evening was a great opportunity for Dynamo to help bring people together and to help shape the tech scene.  The future for me is about greater collaboration and co-creation of ideas and products.  Technology will be in everything that we do.

There were so many people there from all types of employer and across all sectors. We need to continue with the Dynamo project however, to encourage the development of the technology industry right here.  We can be proud of our successes, yet we need to be mindful of those areas we still have to work on, in particular in creating the right environment for start-ups and in bringing young people into the industry.

Dynamo North East is a collective project funded by members. We have grown on a very tight budget and are still building our great story. We are encouraging every tech organisation to become a member.

It was an honour to chair the judging panel for Dynamites 16.  We had so many fantastic entries that it was a very difficult task to choose the front runners form each category.  We had some winners but there are no losers.  Every entry told a great story of development and innovation and the real winner is the North East and its world class tech industry.

It was a great night.

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