Dynamo Cyber Workstream


Following our successful Think Tank event in February, the Dynamo Cyber Workstream is going from strength to strength. Dynamo is a volunteer led group set up with the core mission to ‘Grow the North East IT Economy’ through collaboration, innovation, skills. We are a voice for the sector regionally and nationally and we generate ‘noise’ to promote the region as a hotspot for IT/digital business.

Through its Cyber Workstream, one of several cluster initiatives, Dynamo aims to create a new, wider type of coordination, one that involves all aspects of cyber resilience across the region including, those involved in commercial delivery, research and development, learning, regional resilience and users of technology.

We want to promote the North East as:

  • A region of high cyber awareness and infrastructural resilience.
  • A centre of excellence in the delivery of Cyber related services.
  • A centre of excellence in the delivery and development of high quality students and employees.
  • Noted for research and development in cyber.

This week sees the launch of the four targeted themes that make up the workstream: Strategy; Awareness; Business; Learning. Separate meetings are being held to bring interested people together to help deliver against these objectives. It is going to be a team effort and we are looking for as many people as we can to get involved.

Cyber resilience is not only a technical issue. We need people who can raise awareness in businesses, schools as well as the wider public and so we need good communicators as well as marketing experts. We need people with a passion for the region who can contribute in any way that they feel they can.

There are already over sixty organisations involved, which is a great start, yet there are many more out there. Cyber affects us all whether we are running a business, working in an organization or are just trying to stay safe and protect our digital assets. There are enough stories in the news everyday to remind us.

If you would like to get involved in the Dynamo Cyber Workstream please get in touch. More details can be found here.

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