Alnwick Castle


Those of you who follow me on twitter (@philjackman if you don’t) will know that I am spending a bit more time in and around Alnwick these days. It is a lovely place and if my memory serves me well was once voted the best place to live in Britain by the readers of Country Life. Who am I to argue?

I live a few miles further south and Alnwick has always been a place to visit, with its nice cafe, historic buildings and of course Barter Books which has to be one of the best secondhand bookshops in the country. It is just far enough away to make a day trip.

Over the last few months though I have been doing some work with Creative Fuse and now with Northumberland Estates in and around the town.

I’ve said it before that one of the best things about working in the gig economy, at least for me, is the opportunity to go to places that I may not otherwise get to. I have been to some fantastic buildings in Newcastle and visited parts that the public don’t see. I am fascinated by seeing views of places from unusual perspectives. Perhaps there is even a book in there. Photos from unusual perspectives.

When I was offered the chance to go up onto the roof of Alnwick Castle I did not need to be asked twice. It’s not something you get offered everyday and the views over castle itself, the town and the surrounding countryside are fantastic.  One of the features of the castle are the statues of soldiers on the battlements which I am informed were probably an eighteenth century addition. Getting up close to them was an added bonus. If I had a bucket list that would be one ticked off.

I wonder where I will end  up next?

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