What is your superpower?

Picture thanks to Elevati.com

What is your superpower? Mine, I think, is in being organised. I have the happy knack, or the annoying habit depending upon your perspective, of being able to dismantle a heap of things to do and reassembling them into a logical set of tasks.

Whenever I have something to do (and I mean almost whenever) I reach for a spreadsheet and start to detail all the things needed to realise the objective. I date the tasks, prioritize them, rearrange them into chronological order and even colour code them where appropriate. I maintain a master spreadsheet to manage all the interactions between the multitude of tasks on my plate at any one time.

This is something that I have developed over the years. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea yet the most important thing is that it works, for me. At times though it takes over. My organizing borders on obsession and I become more concerned with ticking off the list than completing the task. That aside it is a useful skill to have and I can be wheeled out in many situations to make use of it.

I call it a superpower as not everyone possess it. Being disorganised is the lot of many people I know. They somehow muddle on through life and tend to plan after the event. This does not make me better or superior to them, just different. They possess skills and talents that I could only dream of and there’s the rub, or rather the opportunity.

Everyone has a superpower, some are lucky to have several. The key is in understanding what they are and putting them to use. By bringing people’s skills and talents, their superpowers together, there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

Perhaps blind optimism and the faith in human nature are other of my superpowers. What is yours?

3 thoughts on “What is your superpower?

  1. What a great skill to have. I do wish I could be more organised but I get distracted, lose track of time and hence over compensate by preparing too much in advance.

    Think mine is caring. I listen with kindness and try to understand what someone is doing and why they think that way. I counsel and encourage people. I have an incurable optimism in humanity too.

    Practical skills include cleaning and tidying 😁I’m great at that.

    1. When I first read this I thought you had written catering. Listening and having empathy are great skills too. I also have a congenital belief in the goodness of humanity,

      1. I try to avoid catering

        Now I’m starting work again in engineering after maternity leave I’m using skills I had forgotten I had. Probably I’d give a different answer to what my superpower is now.

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