Doing customer service well

fenwickNational customer service week has come and gone for this year but that doesn’t mean that I cannot recognise good service when it happens. Two occasions have stood out for me in the last few weeks that show that a retail experience can still be enjoyable even if, as in one case things go wrong.

My first story relates to a dishwasher we bought. Our old one had finally given up the ghost. Water was not pumping out and it was time to say goodbye. As is our way these days we went straight online to look for an immediate gratification. OK we had to wash by hand for a few days but soon we were advised by our national white goods supplier (Curry’s) that our new machine was on its way.

The lorry arrived on time and the men unloaded the dishwasher. They unwrapped it only to find that the casing was damaged. I had that sinking feeling that this would mean endless conversations and arguments with the retailer when one of the men picked up the phone and arranged a replacement there and then. It arrived the very next day.

The second story relates to some new sofas we bought. Not that there was anything wrong with our old ones but it was time for a change. In the past, whenever we have had anything sizeable delivered the men (they are invariably men) do nothing but moan about how they’re going to get the goods in the house. Some suggest that the doors will have to come off, or that the bay window will have to come out. One even suggested that the newel post at the bottom of the stairs would have to go. Miraculously a cup of tea and a biscuit seems to solve all of their issues.

Were filled with apprehension then when the Fenwick lorry arrived only for the men to come in and look at the space where the sofas were to go, nod their heads and get on with it. They did not even need refuelling.

In both these cases the people were just doing their jobs yet because of the lack of fuss they have stood out in my mind as unusual. We have so often become used to sloppy and insolent service that it was refreshing to have things done as they should have been.

I made sure that I thanked them all.

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