Low tech

boogieOne of my daughters bought me a Boogie Board for Christmas.  It is a low tech device that looks quite high tech.  About the size of a small tablet it allows you to write on it with the accompanying stylus.  You can pretend it is like an iPad Mini.

When you have finished, with the press of a button, thanks to a small battery, everything is erased and you are left with a blank screen again.  You can’t save anything nor can you print anything.  All you can do is write or draw and delete.   

When I first show it to people they ask what it can do, I show them and they can’t hide their mild disappointment.  After a while though they grow to enjoy its simplicity.  It only does one thing yet it does it very well.  It is a useful way of adding to conversations.  It is so handy.  It is a notebook and a whiteboard that you can chuck in your bag.  It is an aide memoire and a useful tool for those of us who need more visual stimulus.  If you do need to keep a record then there is always the camera on your smartphone.  

Everyone compares it to an Etch A Sketch though you don’t have to turn it upside down to clear it.  You can also draw curved lines which is something I could never master.

At Thinking Digital 2017, Dan Biddle was another one of the excellent speakers.  He is a media strategist and was most recently director of broadcast partnerships at Twitter in the UK.   Now there is a cool job.

He said that every day we should approach life like an Etch A Sketch, turn it upside down, give it a shake and start all over again.  You can write your life anew everyday.  It was a metaphor for starting with a clean sheet.  

From now on, everyday for me will be like a clean Boogie Board.

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