Don’t blame the weather

You know, every day doesn’t go as planned.  Today was one of them.  I had hoped to get some things done and dusted and all I needed was for someone to sign something off for me.  But it didn’t happen.  There will be other days.

You cannot control everything.  Indeed you may not be able to control, very much. Perhaps everything in life is predestined but that could well be for another blog. Sometimes you just have to let things ride.

One of the pleasures of what we call summer is being outside in the garden and watching the gardening programmes on the television.  Chelsea Flower Show has been and gone.  We visited the show a few years ago and while I am glad that we went, felt that it is better on the small screen.  The crowds make it difficult to see anything and you can’t actually get into the gardens.  

I don’t have green fingers and would not consider myself to be a gardener yet I can recognise that their beauty lies in their tranquility and verdance rather than the hubbub of a west London throng,

This year I watched the highlights of the show presented, among others, by Monty Don. He was interviewing Joanna Lumley and the subject of the weather came up.  Monty described how the weather was an important part of gardening.  The sun, rain, wind and seasons are all important for it to grow.  Each type of weather brought different challenges and different opportunities.  He went on to say that many people complained about it but for him ‘the weather just is’.

There is nothing you can do about it.  Hail or shine it just is.

On days like today then I just need to remind myself of Monty’s wise words.  Sometimes, like with the weather, there is just nothing that can be done to alter the situation.

Sometimes life just is.

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