Great stuff

Our Great Staff, Great Stuff awards is one of those annual events that stand out in the calendar.  It marks the change of season from Autumn to Winter and shows that the calendar year is coming to an end.  It just seems to have come round so quickly this year.  I can still remember sitting down to last year’s event as if it was a couple of months ago.  I guess that is a sign of old age.

Somehow it has passed me by this time.  Unlike the last time we didn’t have that many people put forward for awards yet ICT Services was represented in a smattering of submissions.  We are involved in nearly everything that goes on within the authority but we can’t take credit for many of them this time.  Carl was up for apprentice of the year and once again found himself up against stiff competition.

Our Durham Student Life App, however was the joint winner in the Innovation award category which came as a welcome surprise for me.  If you remember we had developed this as a way of testing the appetite for apps across the authority.  Alan had suggested doing something with students to help them get around, deal with waste collection and other issues that affect people newly arriving in our city.   I can’t take any credit for its implementation and take up, I will leave that to Michelle and her team, including Mark, yet there was a warm glow of satisfaction inside me when they got up to receive their award.  It is nice to see something that started a while ago getting the recognition it deserves.

I really should pay more attention in future as not only did we produce the brochure that went with the event, which I knew about, but we sponsored one of the categories, which was a turn up for the books, though a nice one.  I’m happy to be associated with these awards as they demonstrate the excellent work we are doing and the high level of commitment from the teams.  As I looked around the room I reflected on Terry’s comments, the chief executive, that we have many other magnificent people who weren’t there this time.

Next year I’m going to try that bit harder to nominate more people from ICT Services as we really have some good stuff to celebrate.  It will be that time again in a flash.

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