Time for change

Most days I get up around six.  This morning I got up a bit earlier and occasionally I get up after seven but then my head feels like a sock all day and I’m a bit more grumpy than usual.  Twice a year though my system is thrown when for some reason the clocks change.

We’re in British Summer Time now though the weather begs to differ.  At the start of spring the clocks go forward and at the end of the summer they go back again by one hour.  Spring on fall back.  So for a few days after the start of summer time my body things it’s six but the clocks say seven and I feel groggy until I catch up.

Why do we go through this rigmarole?

As I am sure you are aware the world is split up into twenty four time zones, just like segments of an orange.  This means that everyone can get up around about the same time irrespective of where they are in the world.  As you travel east time gets earlier and as you travel west time gets later.  Now this is alright when you are at the equator as you have to travel over fifteen hundred kilometres to get form one time zone to another and for most people this is not a problem.  Of course as you get closer and closer to the poles it becomes more of an issue.  By the time you get to the pole all time zones exist at the same point which is fine as no one lives there.  If you did you could pick whatever time you want.

Why is it that humans latch on to concepts and bring themselves to a point where they believe them to be true?  Time is one of these human constructs.  It is us that has divided time into days, hours, minutes and seconds.  It is us that hangs on to the belief that there are twenty-four hours in a day, approximately.  Where I live the sun will set today at 9:04 and rise again at 5:00 tomorrow and so the middle of the night will be somewhere around one on the morning and not at midnight.

Why don’t we instead adopt a world time zone, where time is the same all over the globe?  So in London people may get up at six while in Sweden they get up at five, Finland at four and Russia at three.  Would it really be such a hardship?

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