A year of work in progress – day 95

Day 95 – 28 May 2014

I had so much to think about from our visit to Edinburgh that I nearly missed my stop coming back. Fortunately Steve tapped me on the shoulder which woke me from my day dream. I nearly took out a small child in my rush to get off the train.

A lot of what we had talked about was culture rather than technology and that was very much the theme for today as well, responsibility and development. First things first though and I had a rearranged Resources Management Team meeting to go to. There were so few of us available last Wednesday so we got together for an hour. I had two reports to take through, an update on the work we are planning (and have started) with Northumberland as well as an approach to a corporate solution for Document Image Processing system (DIPs) and Workflow. Both were received well enough but there were a lot of comments and I was left with a couple of complete rewrites. There was lots of good discussion though.

I also swapped my dead laptop for a new one, a Lenovo X230. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, we all know that, but I had been having problems with saving files for some time, duplicate copies, hanging temp files, that kind of thing. I’ll look out for that kind of thing in future. I think I have lost the emails in my outbox and of course I had to set many things up again (first world problems).

I then made my way down to EDC for an internal (to ICT Services) of the incident we had over the first bank holiday weekend in May. We used Edward de Bono’s PMI method. We split the group into four and gave ourselves XX minutes to identify what had gone well (P for positive). Each group then fed back before we did the same but this time looking at what hadn’t gone so well (M for minus). We gave it a third go but this time looking at those things which didn’t fit into good or bad but instead were just interesting. For some reason we spent twice the amount of time on what went wrong than what went well, although it was seen as a positive thing that we were talking about it and trying to learn the lessons again. I guess that’s called human nature. For me the mistake that I made was not calling it a business continuity incident.

In the afternoon we had a training session with Darran from On Brand Partners on self-awareness. We are probably more alive in the minds of others than in our own and so trying to at least understand the way others see us is worthwhile.   Learning to love yourself is the greatest love and all that. I think I might have bared my soul a little too much though.

Learning points for today: It was a loud bang; a figurative shock is much better than a physical one especially if it involves electricity; you can be a little overenthusiastic; a SPOK is a single point of knowledge and; you can get a ripple of irritation.

Today’s enjoyment rating 8/10 – stressful laptop issues.

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